What is going on?!

This seems to be the question as of late… Jacquie, how is the house build coming? So what’s going on with the house? Etc… etc… well, in short, nothing is going on with the house build. Ok, that’s a lie, physically we haven’t started, but the behind the scenes process is STILL going. I promise.

Just in case you ever decide that you ever want to do your own build from the ground up, there are things that take time. And every change, mistake, question, and answer takes weeks at times. That being said, we are currently at a standstill because we made the decision to move the house from a raised foundation to a slab and from 2x6 framing to 2x4. This means that we have to wait for our architect and engineer to make the updates to the plan so the GC can get an accurate bid for the wood. In the mean time, our checklist is long with logistics. I am still trying to find a farmer who wants to plant an orchard on our property. I recently was in contact with UC Davis, but apparently working with the UC is complex and not that simple. They need to collaborate with farmers, who do all the work, while they implement the research. Which means my best bet is to keep the land listed on FarmLink and hope for a devoted farmer who wants to tackle this project! I am still just as excited because it took a long time to even be at the place we are now and I rolling with it!

I will try to do more updates more often because this six month window of a “break” isn’t really cutting it.

Property name... hmmm...

The thing with starting something new is that it is all so exciting because, well, everything is just that, new. New ideas, new discussions, new people to work with, new decisions to make, etc. But what is hard to think about is how it will feel when the newness has all worn off. This has been especially complicated in naming this ranch/farm/house-to-be. Aaron's mom's mom inherited the land a very long time ago, which warrants a name that represents it's age in a sense... Given that the land came from his mother's side, it doesn't quite make sense for us to name it after our last name, Gandy. So we decided to keep it simple and name it something that bears no particular attachment to any of our last names, but could represent our entire family. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Legacy Acres

For some reason, when you name something it personifies it and adds to the realness of it all. Now we can refer to her by something other than "dirt" or "Herald" and actually feel like she's real! For more information regarding details related to the architect, builder, land and soil uses, historical questions, or anything else, you can email us at info@legacyacres.estate.  

Custom Plans!

We have FINALLY finalized our house plans (check it out under the gallery section). This was a labor of love mostly because we kept changing our minds about quite a few things. It was recommended to us by a friend that we shouldn’t just buy plans online because we would probably want or need to change many things. We were also working within certain perameters because the land was put under the Williamson Act back in the 70s (I spent way too much of my life reading up on this, lol). This act gives property tax relief in exchange for limited development. This is awesome for tax purposes, but does limit the square footage of the house we can build. This wasn’t a problem except for when we wanted to increase room sizes or hallway sizes. We had to give and take from other parts of the house. In the end, we were so thankful to have found AMS Drafting, who designed the house for us. Aaron Salazar specializes in Modern Farmhouses in the area. This was like finding a diamond in the rough because most Modern Farmhouse styles are being built in Utah, Texas, Colorado, etc. There aren’t a ton out here in Cali! Anyway, given that the land has been in the family for 100 years, but hasn’t been farmed or developed, we knew that what we were building had to be well thought out in order to properly represent the historical component as well as the modern vision Aaron and I have for it. AMS Drafting did just that and his fees included site visits to help with layout and any other questions we had. 

Every dream started somewhere...

As my husband, Aaron, was driving along the freeway, he smiled as he began to tell me the story of the first time this dream began as an idea... In short, he explained to me that he had a notebook that he carried with him around the school playground. The teacher in me grinned as I pictured a particular student who I could envision doing a similar thing. "What did you write in this notebook?" I asked. Aaron smiled as he said, "House ideas. My house ideas, other friends' house ideas, teachers' house ideas. Any dream house idea went in there." Oh, what I wouldn't give to get my hands on that notebook now! As silly as it sounds, all dreams must start as a simple idea and they begin to build momentum when attention is given to them. Flash forward 25 years, and here we are, about to make it happen. A home build. Our home build. 

As I write this, it is evident to me that a sense of "home," was always living in Aaron and somewhere down the line in me, too. But as with all worthwhile things, it takes time. It takes patience, mistakes, money, a partner, advice, help, tenacity, and most importantly, faith. So I invite you to follow along as we take this 100 year-old plot of land and make this dream a reality.