Custom Plans!

We have FINALLY finalized our house plans (check it out under the gallery section). This was a labor of love mostly because we kept changing our minds about quite a few things. It was recommended to us by a friend that we shouldn’t just buy plans online because we would probably want or need to change many things. We were also working within certain perameters because the land was put under the Williamson Act back in the 70s (I spent way too much of my life reading up on this, lol). This act gives property tax relief in exchange for limited development. This is awesome for tax purposes, but does limit the square footage of the house we can build. This wasn’t a problem except for when we wanted to increase room sizes or hallway sizes. We had to give and take from other parts of the house. In the end, we were so thankful to have found AMS Drafting, who designed the house for us. Aaron Salazar specializes in Modern Farmhouses in the area. This was like finding a diamond in the rough because most Modern Farmhouse styles are being built in Utah, Texas, Colorado, etc. There aren’t a ton out here in Cali! Anyway, given that the land has been in the family for 100 years, but hasn’t been farmed or developed, we knew that what we were building had to be well thought out in order to properly represent the historical component as well as the modern vision Aaron and I have for it. AMS Drafting did just that and his fees included site visits to help with layout and any other questions we had.