Property name... hmmm...

The thing with starting something new is that it is all so exciting because, well, everything is just that, new. New ideas, new discussions, new people to work with, new decisions to make, etc. But what is hard to think about is how it will feel when the newness has all worn off. This has been especially complicated in naming this ranch/farm/house-to-be. Aaron's mom's mom inherited the land a very long time ago, which warrants a name that represents it's age in a sense... Given that the land came from his mother's side, it doesn't quite make sense for us to name it after our last name, Gandy. So we decided to keep it simple and name it something that bears no particular attachment to any of our last names, but could represent our entire family. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Legacy Acres

For some reason, when you name something it personifies it and adds to the realness of it all. Now we can refer to her by something other than "dirt" or "Herald" and actually feel like she's real! For more information regarding details related to the architect, builder, land and soil uses, historical questions, or anything else, you can email us at